Vicente Coves Interview. 4 tips to determine when a classical guitar is a high quality guitar.

    Vicente Coves visits us in Madera. Concert Guitarist and President of the European Guitar Foundation, Director of the:
    - "Antonio Marín" Granada International Guitar Festival
    -Antonio Marín" Granada Guitar Building Competition
    -Malaga "Pepe Romero" Guitar Festival
    One of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the world of classical guitar as a guitarist and guitar lover in Spain. He had the chance to see, own and play a large numbers of great classical guitars from nowadays and from the history of the guitar.
    He gives us advice on how to value guitars and many observations, knowledge and experiences that will allow us to "seeing" a guitar in a different way.
    Also talks about, in his opinion, the best guitarists in history, best ever guitars and guitar makers, and his favorite guitar strings. And much more...

    Vicente Coves. Interview. Classical guitarist. Director Granada Classical Guitar Festival