Lazzarini talks about guitars | Wood selection, Neck’s C and D shapes, Head design, Maker searching for his own sound..

    Lazzarini talks in this new Madera video about many aspects to take into account in the construction of guitars and therefore also in the correct choice of the guitar that the guitarist needs depending on his tastes and needs. Choice of woods, types of shapes for the neck, the 20th fret, aesthetic issues that make an instrument unique, the importance of the design of the head, the guitar as an open instrument in its evolution, the identity of the guitar maker, the search of the guitar maker for a sound with which he identifies himself... and much more.

    Last April Lazzarini brought us to MaderaGuitarras another of her instruments to add to the list of guitars that we have already had the privilege of having in Madera for our clients made by her. (Check here for all info about this new Madera guitar arrival: Paula Lazzarini 2023 )

    And here in this interesting video, Lazzarini introduces to us this new instrument and we can enter into her particular world of construction where the personalization and originality of the instrument is very strong and one of her main characteristics.

    It is always very interesting to listen to the explanations of one of today’s great guitar makers of her generation on the world scene.

    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar Maker
    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar Maker
    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar Maker
    Ricardo Louzao guitar maker Argentina Paula Lazzarini