Marcus Toscano Interview. What makes Historical Guitars so Special.

    We meet in MaderaGuitarras with the classical guitarist Marcus Toscano who is going to tell us about 5 historical guitars of the highest quality:

    Santos Hernández 1939
    Viuda de Santos Hernández
    (Widow of Santos Hernández 1945)
    Marcelo Barbero 1953
    Manuel de la Chica 1955
    Manuel Reyes 1972

    Marcus is not only a guitarist but also a historical guitars collector. And he tells us why historical guitars are so special for him and the sensations they give him when he plays them.
    We will also have the opportunity to listen to them in his hands.
    Marcus tells us much more, for example, why he finds the division between classical and flamenco guitars "ridiculous" when it comes to their use by the classical guitarist in concerts or practicing. Or his favorite guitars and guitar makers in history.
    I hope you enjoy this very interesting interview.

    Marcus Toscano Classical guitarist. Interview, Historical Guitars