Alexis Parducci Guitar Maker. Video-Interview. Winner of the -2022 Granada International Guitar Making Competition-

    This year 2022 the winner of the Granada International Guitar Making Competition was the Argentinian guitar maker Alexis Parducci. As part of the jury, it was a pleasant surprise to see that another Argentinian guitar maker won the competition for the second year in a row. The previous year it was the guitar maker Paula Lazzarini who did it.

    Parducci's guitar is full of beauty and excellent craftsmanship. With the model he presented at the competition, he has achieved an overall balanced classical guitar, both in its sound and its aesthetics. Powerful sound full of character and at the same time warm, beautiful, and with a wide palette of colors and dynamics.
    The good playability is also remarkable. Not surprisingly, as he tells us in this interview, it is one of the aspects to that he devotes plenty of time to at his workshop.
    A very interesting young guitar maker who is destined to be one of the great names in luthiery in the near future and who is already a consolidated classical guitar maker among the best in his generation.

    In this interview Parducci explains in detail his construction processes and his particular approach to guitar making. What are the main aspects that a good classical guitar in his opinion should have and how he establishes them in his own guitars.

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