Marin Montero workshop photoshoot for Madera 90 photosv

    Antonio Marin Montero PhotoShoot at his workshop in Granada. 90 Photos. A small tribute from Madera to the great master guitarrero Antonio Marín who celebrated his 90th birthday on this year 2023 January 24th.

    The now 90-year-old master still goes to his workshop from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon, and it is impressive to see how extraordinarily healthy he is. We wish him many more years between us and wish to keep honoring us with his wonderful personality, knowledge, generosity, talent, incredible work, and his so precious friendship.

    It is also very nice to see how the whole city and all of us without exception who have had the privilege of knowing him we love him very much, admire him and respect him as the legend that he became in the world of the great guitar makers of history.

    We took these photos in his workshop in Granada in 2015 but they were never published.
    So, taking advantage of this important date in the maestro's life, we publish them now.

    In these photos you can also see his nephew Jose Marín Plazuelo, also one of the most important guitar makers in Spain today, who has been working with the master in the same workshop since 1974, making the same guitars as Antonio with the same system (Bouchet/Marin system) and with the same quality as his uncle.

    There are many interesting details that can be seen and analyzed in these photos.
    One of these interesting details can be found in the photos where Alberto Cuellar (MADERA founder and Director) is sitting with the maestro talking, Alberto is holding a flamenco guitar by Antonio Marín made in 1969 and the maestro is holding in his hands also a flamenco guitar made by him in 2015. 46 years difference between the two.