Paula Lazzarini 2023

    Construction: Classical Guitar
    Top Wood: Cedar
    Back and Sides Wood: Indian Rosewood



    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar Maker



    Fifth guitar by Paula Lazzarini that we present here in Madera.
    Again a guitar like the one that Lazzarini presented at the International Guitar Competition in Granada and won in 2021.
    A guitar full of aesthetic harmony which is one of Paula’s most notorious virtues. Very beautiful with Paula’s characteristic rosette which she introduced in the competition and which has also been included in all the guitars we have had here in Madera and which is so well accepted. Matching the bridge which also has rosette motifs. And the head also so particular that Paula makes with the grooves “cut” at the sides, so to speak.
    Very balanced sound, lyrical with deep basses and trebles with body and drive.
    Again the typical Paula guitar and model that we have already described several times in her previous guitars. And which has been so well received on our website by our customers. It also has an excellent price/quality ratio.




    Scale Length: 650 mm
    Nut Width: 52.5mm
    12th Fret Width: 62.5mm
    Guitar Length: 990mm
    Body Length: 482mm
    Body Waist: 240mm
    1st Fret. 6th string to 1st string: 44.5mm
    12th Fret. 6th string to 1st string: 50.0mm
    Bridge. 6th string to 1st string: 57mm
    Side Width Upper body: 90mm
    Side Width Lower body: 98mm
    12th fret to 6th String Height: 4.0mm
    12th Fret to 1st String Height: 3.0mm

    Tuning Machine: Schaller Grandtune

    Paula Lazzarini was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During her youth, she studied History at the University. She explains here:

    “ At a certain point in my career I found a strong interest in objects and artifacts from the past which eventually led me to enroll in a Masters’ Program in Restoration and Conservation at the University of San Martin, Argentina.

    My curiosity for woods and musical instruments gradually led me to work, first, in instruments repair and, later on, in making classical guitars, under the direction of Ricardo Louzao, who taught me the art of guitar making as well as the passion to disseminate the Spanish classical guitar.

    Since my early years in guitar making, I have always aimed for my own style and sound for my guitars.”

    Paula made her first guitar in 2007. In 2016 she moved to Cremona, Italy where she opened her own guitar workshop. During her career, she visited and was influenced by European guitar makers from Italy, Holland, France … with whom she shared her passion for instrument making and restoration.

    It is worth mentioning the brief stage he spent with the great master Daniel Friederich in Paris and more recently with guitar maker master Marín Montero in Granada, Spain.

    An important moment in her career is the year 2021 when Paula entered the International Guitar-Making Competition in Granada and won the First Prize. It was a key moment for her excellent work and talent to be known all over the world and she started to be commissioned guitars, especially from the USA, China, and Japan.


    Paula Lazzarini:

    “Guitar making is a long and dynamic process, whereby I not only transform and reshape the wood, but also my own passion for the instrument takes shape, in a ceaseless search for sound and, eventually, for the object that best represents me in every new guitar.”

    Paula Lazzarini Classical Guitar

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    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar

    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar

    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar

    Paula Lazzarini 2023 Classical Guitar