Pablo Requena Spanish Guitar Maker. His favorite woods, the historical guitar makers he admires the most, his opinion about modern guitar making processes, the tools he uses, his succesful guitar making courses… and more.

    Meet one of the best guitarreros in Spain today. A guitarrero con Madera. And one of the best options in the world to learn how to make traditional Spanish guitars. He has already taught at his workshop to around 200 students who have been very lucky to learn with him and have such a special experience of making their own guitar from scratch to the end.

    Pablo Requena at his classical guitar workshop


    Interview with this great Spanish guitar maker in his guitar workshop located right next to the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. In La Cala del Moral, a small coastal village only a few kilometers from the big city of Málaga and the International Malaga Airport in the south of Spain.


    Pablo Requena is also very active on Youtube where he has a great channel he teaches through videos how to build traditional guitars. It is probably the most interesting and successful channel on the internet on this subject which has done so much to spread traditional guitar making.
    Pablo since this year also gives the possibility to learn how to build a guitar with very details online videos in our opinion are the best video series ever made on it. In his own words:
    “This year I have launched an online guitar-making course, a step-by-step video series available to stream online. “How to Build a Classical Guitar from Scratch” is something I have wanted to create for a very long time. I’m so happy to be able to help make the guitar-making process accessible for everybody from their own homes.” For more information please visit


    Pablo’s guitars are of a very high quality which we admire a lot here at Madera and in this interview in which Pablo speaks with his well-known eloquence you can know about his way of construction, his approach, the tools he uses, his wood preferences, his favorite guitar makers in history…