Marcos Tello 2024
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    Construction: Classical Guitar
    Top Wood: Spruce
    Back and Sides Wood: Indian Rosewood



    Marcos Tello 2024 Classical Guitar



    Here we find a guitar by the Granada-based guitar maker Marcos Tello. A guitar that we could say is typical of Granada construction. Easy to play, light, spontaneous sound, warm, clean, with good projection, good intonation. A sound with personality that Marcos has been working on in this case in conjunction with the fan bracing based on the one from the last period of Santos Hernández. He has studied our 1939 Santos Hernandez guitar in depth along with another guitar that he has had direct access to from the same period and fan bracintg, and this study and his talent has led him to create a sound that transmits and we can say is a very traditional Spanish guitar sound. Marcos has done a good job in the work of the furniture and the ornamentation with his original rosette where he has also placed a nice ornamentation on the bridge in harmony with the rosette. The quality of the wood is also very good. A very nice Indian Rosewood with straight grain and a special quality German spruce top.
    Few guitars today can have this price and this quality together and therefore we see that it is a very good option that we have the opportunity to offer here at


    Scale Length: 650 mm
    Nut Width: 51mm
    12th Fret Width: 61mm
    Guitar Length: 988mm
    Body Length: 480mm
    1st Fret. 6th string to 1st string: 41.0mm
    12th Fret. 6th string to 1st string: 47.0mm
    Bridge. 6th string to 1st string: 56.0mm
    Side Width Upper body: 91mm
    Side Width Lower body: 95mm
    Width Upper body: 273mm
    Width Lower body: 363mm
    12th fret to 6th String Height: 3.9mm
    12th Fret to 1st String Height: 2.9mm
    Weight: 1380grams

    Tuner Machine: Schaller GrandTune
    Strings used by Marcos Tello: Savarez New Cristal 500CR

    Bracing pattern

    Marcos Tello 2024 Classical Guitar Fan Bracing Varetaje

    Marcos Tello (1970) was born in Jaén and moved to Granada to study Fine Arts, painting is another of his great passions.
    From a very young age he was attracted by the guitar instrument. First it was with the electric guitar. But soon he also became interested in the guitar more closely linked to his homeland, the classical and flamenco guitar. He started to learn the flamenco guitar and bought one. But when he came home to play it, he didn’t like the sound. So in 1998 he decided to make one himself. Marcos says that he felt inside himself that he could make a guitar. He went to Madrid to buy wood and tools and started to make it with his father Juan Tello Fernández. But of course with very precarious tools and methods. They obviously had a lot of problems.
    The time came when he met the guitar maker Germán Pérez Barranco from Granada. And visiting his workshop and asking him questions, Germán told him: “Look, what you have to do is bring your wood and whatever else you have and come here to my workshop and we’ll make the guitar”.
    He stayed with him for about two years. During 2002 Marcos made a couple of guitars with him during that time going to his workshop when he could.
    After finishing those two guitars with Germán, Marcos began his trajectory of learning and working alone in his own workshop. Looking for help for the problems he encountered here and there. Little by little, according to him, he made leaps in quality in his career as a builder. He enrolled in a guitar course organised by the guitar maker Gil de Avalle from Granada and there he experienced progress. Another was when he visited other workshops and builders in Granada where he found help for his work, such as the workshop of José Vigil, Antonio Marín Montero or Mijail Kharash, from whom he received wise advice.
    Marcos makes his own templates and to this day he has worked with the fan bracing of 5 varetas, 7 varetas and also the fan bracing of Santos Hernández in his last life period. The same fan bracing that was later used by Marcelo Barbero. This fan bracing is of great interest to Marcos as it gives an elasticity to the top which, in his opinion, gives very good results. He seeks, in his own words, a sound for his guitars that is spontaneous, vibrant, clear, and that the guitar speaks and transmits.

    Marcos Tello 2024 Classical Guitar

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    Marcos Tello 2024 Classical Guitar

    Marcos Tello 2024 Classical Guitar