Madera Classical Guitar Website. Introduction Video.

    Madera Video Introduction.


    In Madera, we focus on the fascinating world of guitar making and guitar makers. The particular way each one of them interprets the instrument, their techniques, their visions, their aesthetic concepts, their guitar-making processes, and how they come to solve problems to obtain such a quality result with years of work and experience. We offer video articles about all these topics on our blog for our web users.


    In Madera, we carefully select guitar makers that we admire for their talent, very high quality, the sound they have succeeded in their guitars, originality, authenticity, honest work, and the identity they have achieved in their instruments after years dedicated to it. We offer their guitars to our customers through our online shop.


    We see Madera as a different way of seeing classical guitars. Our approach is different in many ways and innovative. We also believe it helps the classical guitarist to know more about his instrument, enjoy it and see more about the exciting cultural value it holds. By getting to know about the world of great guitar makers from the inside and all the processes and different approaches to their guitar-making, we believe it will enormously help the guitarist choose the right instrument for him. The one with which he/she can most easily express himself through music. We are always bearing in mind that each of us needs a different guitar that suits our preferences in sound, playability, and aesthetics.

    That’s what Madera is also there for. To help you choose the best guitar for you.


    We very much hope you like our proposal and that you join our community.