Book Orfeo Magazine 6-10

    Language: English
    Publish Date: 2017
    No. Pages: 348
    240 x 300 x 20,5 mm
    ISBN: 979-10-90267-31-2


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    Considered one of the best Classical Guitar Making Publications Orfeo Magazines are devoted to Classical guitar, Classical Guitar makers and the culture surrounded this fascinating world.

    Very interesting articles and interviews to the most famous and admirable worldwide guitar makers. The author Alberto Martinez travels to different countries. And in these magazines books we have the chance to see and know about the work of prominent local guitar maker as well as the most important historical guitar makers and classical guitars ever made.

    Outstanding photos are included made by the own Alberto Martinez who himself is a very successful professional photographer. We are lucky to be able to enjoy these high-quality books made by a person who joins his profession as a photographer with another passion we share, classical guitar making.

    The Orfeo Books compile 5 Orfeo magazines together. In this case numbers 6 to 10.

    For all classical guitar enthusiasts, this book is a must-have.

    It is also a perfect gift for your guitar-lover friend or partner.


    N° 6

    Andrea Tacchi, a scientific approach

    Lorenzo Frignani, rediscovering the pleasure of music

    Luigi Locatto, in pursuit of perfection

    Luca Waldner, the luthier with young musicians in mind

    Cremona, heartland of the violin

    Nicolò Alessi, precision and top quality


    N° 7

    Dominique Field, leader in French lutherie

    The Bohemian Slopes of Montmartre

    Olivier Fanton d’Andon, a unique luthier

    Jean-Noël Rohé, a rising star

    Thomas Norwood, an American in Paris


    N° 8

    Granada and the Guitar

    Antonio Marín, patriarch of Granada

    Manuel Bellido, the quest for balance

    Ornamentation of the Alhambra

    Paco Santiago Marín, birth of the “50 Aniversario”

    Rafael Moreno, the man who talks to wood

    Federico García Lorca


    N° 9

    Antonio de Torres Jurado

    Almería, the city of Torres

    Five famous Torres Guitars

    José Luis Romanillos, leading authority

    Models, materials and construction

    Grondona, Lieske and Trepat: Three Torres guitar players


    N° 10

    Pepe Romero Jr., guitar in his veins

    Pepe Romero Sr.’s guitar collection

    Richard Reynoso, a luthier to watch

    Harris Guitar Foundation: A living guitar collection

    Gregory Byers, a tireless researcher

    Jeffrey Elliott, a sonata for four hands

    Eric Sahlin, a self-taught luthier

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