Victor Quintanilla
    Victor Quintanilla

    Victor Quintanilla is one of the most outstanding and successful guitar makers of his generation in Spain.
    Victor started very early to work with wood as a professional carpenter at the age of 20. He quickly dedicated himself to his great passion, the study and construction of the guitar, starting very young with less than 20 years old in his first steps in the school/workshop of the guitar maker Jose Angel Chacon in Malaga. But he quickly began to get his first commissions and established his own workshop in the village of Mijas near Malaga in the south of Spain.
    He already has more than 20 years of experience in guitar making and at only 40 years of age, he has already won several prizes such as in 2019 the Granada International Guitar Making Competition where every year guitar makers from all over the world compete with their guitars.
    Very admired in Spain great Spanish professional guitarists like Rafael Aguirre or Pedro Sierra play with his guitars.
    Victor is a close friend of the guitar maker Daniele Chiesa who lives very close to him in the province of Malaga in the south of Spain and whom he visits and meets regularly. Victor considers Daniel Chiesa to be one of the greatest influences on his knowledge of the profession.
    But apart from his influences, Victor’s guitars have great quality, personality, originality, and identity of their own. He is one of our favorite guitar makers of his generation.