Paco Rey
    Paco Rey

    Paco Rey was born in El Puerto de Santa Maria, a small and beautiful town in the province of Cádiz in southwest Spain.
    This is where Paco has his guitar workshop. This workshop was previously a cabinetmaking workshop also owned by Paco Rey where for years before becoming a guitar maker Paco worked.
    From a very young age he was always interested in the guitar and one day he decided to move from cabinetmaking to building his own guitars. After learning how to make guitars with another guitarrero from his province Cádiz called Rafael López Porras, he transformed his cabinetmaking workshop into a guitar workshop to become a guitar maker, and soon became one of the most important and admired names in the world of guitar making in the southwest of Spain.
    We are talking about an area with the highest concentration of flamenco guitarists and flamenco artists worldwide. Most of the big names in this musical style have been born within a radius of no more than 200 kilometers from Paco’s workshop.
    Like almost all guitar makers in Spain, Paco builds both classical and flamenco guitars. And the world of flamenco and its special sonority is undoubtedly an enormous influence on Paco Rey. Therefore, his guitars have a marked stamp of traditional Spanish construction and sonority for both his flamenco and his classical guitars.
    Paco, in spite of his youth, is already a very well-known guitar maker in Spain and deserves soon also all over the world.

    Paco Rey